ORF Mumbai Centre

One BKC, B Wing,
19th Floor, G Block,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra East, Mumbai – 400 051.

Tel: + 91 22 3566 2866
Fax: +91 022 22886264

Media inquiries

Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma is Manager, Visual Media at ORF’s Mumbai Centre. His work includes event photography, video editing and curating visual content online. He also produces films and documentaries for the Foundation — both as standalone projects, as well as for publications. Read more

Anusha Kesarkar Gavankar

Anusha is Senior Fellow at ORF’s Centre for Economy and Growth. Her research interests span areas of Urban Transformation, Spaces and Habitats. Read more

Apoorva Lalwani

Apoorva Lalwani is an Associate Fellow with ORF’s Geoeconomic Studies Programme. Her research focuses on data localisation, multi-modal connectivity and WTO issues — and their impact on international trade and world politics Read more

Ayjaz Ahmad Wani

Ayjaz Wani is a Research Fellow at ORF Mumbai. He is currently working on the project: “Kashmir Conflict, Managing Perceptions and Prospectus for Peace.” Designed in the form of questionnaires and surveys with key stakeholders, the project is based on the Kashmiri youth perspective. Read more

Dhaval Dushyant Desai

Dhaval is Senior Fellow and Vice President at Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai. His spectrum of work covers diverse topics ranging from urban renewal to international relations. He currently heads research and administrative functions at ORF Mumbai. Read more

Dinesh Ramprasad Dixit

Dinesh Ramprasad Dixit is Content Coordinator (Marathi) at ORF. Read more

Girish Luthra

Vice Admiral Girish Luthra is Distinguished Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai. He is Former Commander-in-Chief of Western Naval Command, and Southern Naval Command, Indian Navy. A Navigation and Direction specialist, he has commanded frontline warships, including aircraft carrier INS Viraat, and the Western Fleet. Read more

Jaibal Naduvath

Jaibal is Vice President and Senior Fellow of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), India’s premier think tank. His research focuses on issues of cross cultural representation, particularly identity formation, governance, technology and media. Jaibal is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Fudan University, Shanghai. Read more

Leena Chandran Wadia

Leena Chandran Wadia is Senior Fellow at ORF’s Mumbai Centre. She has been leading the Mumbai Centre’s research and policy advocacy in education since 2010. Read more

Preeti Lourdes John Puliyankunnel

Preeti Lourdes John is Deputy Editor at ORF Mumbai. She oversees the centre’s longform publications. Read more

Rahil Miya Shaikh

Rahil Miya Shaikh is Lead, Graphics and Design, at ORF’s Mumbai centre and designs special reports, infographics, social media creatives, collaterals and branding for events, and podcasts. Read more

Ramanath Jha

Dr. Ramanath Jha is Distinguished Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai. He works on urbanisation — urban sustainability, urban governance and urban planning. Read more

Renita D'Souza

Renita D’Souza is a PhD in Economics and a Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai, under the Inclusive Growth and SDGs programme. Her research focus is on development economics including environmental and development finance, sustainability issues such as poverty, climate change, resource efficiency and also the Indian economy. Read more

Sameer Patil

Dr. Sameer Patil is a Senior Fellow at ORF Mumbai. His work focuses on the intersection of technology and national security, including cybersecurity. He also researches India’s national security priorities, counter-terrorism, and regional security. Read more

Sankalita Dey

Sankalita Dey is New Media and Digital Lead at ORF Mumbai. She is responsible for media planning and outreach, production and communication of high-quality outputs for the Foundation’s publications, forums and platforms. Read more

Sauradeep Bag

Sauradeep has worked in several roles in the startup ecosystem and in international development with the United Nations Capital Development Fund. His areas of interest include fintech, economic development and public policy. Read more

Shashidhar KJ

Shashidhar K.J. is a Visiting Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation. He works on the broad themes of technology and financial technology.Read more

Shruti Jain

Shruti Jain is an Associate Fellow with ORF’s Geoeconomics Programme. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and her areas of interest include G20, development co-operation, inclusive growth and development, gender equality and the Indian economy. Read more

Urvi Tembey

Urvi Tembey is an Associate Fellow- International Law, Trade, and Multilateral Organizations at ORF. She works on the interface between international trade law and policy, including India’s foreign economic policy, and on India’s G20 Presidency.
Read more

ORF Chennai Centre

5th Floor, A-1 Tower (Rear Wing),
89 Dr Radhakrishnan Road,
Chennai – 600004.

Phone: +91 011 43520020, 30220020
Fax: +91 011 43520003, 23210773

Media inquiries

ORF Kolkata Centre

Plot no II, D/18, Major arterial Road,
Action Area II, New Town, Rajarhat,
Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA
Pin – 700156

Phone: +91 9830482588

Our Scholars

Aditya Bhan

Dr. Aditya Bhan is a Fellow at ORF. He is passionate about conducting research at the intersection of geopolitics, national security, technology and economics. Read more

Ambar Kumar Ghosh

Ambar Kumar Ghosh is a Junior Fellow under the Political Reforms and Governance Initiative at ORF Kolkata. His primary areas of research interest include studying Indian democracy and its institutions, federalism, political leadership, citizenship and migration studies. Read more

Anamitra Anurag Danda

Anamitra Anurag Danda is Senior Visiting Fellow with ORF’s Energy and Climate Change Programme. His research interests include: sustainability and stewardship, collective action and institution building, adaptation to climate change, resolving human-wildlife conflict, and nature conservation. Read more

Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury

Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury is Senior Fellow with ORF’s Neighbourhood Initiative. She specialises in South Asia, energy politics, forced migration and women in conflict zones. Read more

Anirban Sarma

Anirban Sarma is a Senior Fellow at ORF. His research focuses on media, ICTs, and technology-enhanced learning.

Debosmita Sarkar

Debosmita Sarkar is a Junior Fellow with the Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth Programme, Centre for New Economic Diplomacy at Observer Research Foundation. Her research interests include macroeconomic policy, international finance and development economics. Read more

Nilanjan Ghosh

Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh is Director, Centre for New Economic Diplomacy, Observer Research Foundation, and ORF’s Kolkata Centre. His previous positions at various points in time include Senior Fellow and Head of Economics at ORF Kolkata, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist at MCX (I) Limited in Mumbai, and Professor of Econometrics at the TERI School of Advanced Studies in New Delhi. Read more

Preeti Kapuria

Preeti Kapuria is currently a Fellow at ORF Kolkata with research interests in the area of environment, development and agriculture. The approach is to understand the linkages between biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and ecosystem services and to examine how environmental governance, participatory economics and the commons, and the workings of social-ecological systems influence these linkages.Read more

Sohini Bose

Sohini Bose is a Junior Fellow at ORF, Kolkata with the Strategic Studies Programme. Her area of research is India’s eastern maritime neighbourhood, where she explores connectivity, geopolitics and security concerns in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea.Read more

Sohini Nayak

Sohini Nayak is a Junior Fellow at Observer Research Foundation. Presently she is working on Nepal-India and Bhutan-India bilateral relations along with sub regionalism and regional multilateral institutions in South Asia and the Bay of Bengal and beyond, at ORF.Read more

Soumya Bhowmick

Soumya Bhowmick is an Associate Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, Kolkata, under the Inclusive Growth and SDGs Programme. His research focus is on sustainable development, economics of globalization and Indian economics. He works closely with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Ease-of-Doing Business parameters and Foreign Direct Investments.Read more

Sreeparna Banerjee

Sreeparna Banerjee is a Junior Fellow at ORF Kolkata. She is currently working on Rohingya issue within the Bay of Bengal region under the ‘ORF's Neigbhourhood Regional Studies Initiative research project. She is also part of the ongoing study on BIMSTEC.Read more

Suyash Saurabh Das

Suyash Das is Research Assistant with the Economy and Growth Programme at ORF Kolkata. He works on the broad themes of the domestic economy, international relations, economic sociology and gender, racial and ethnic relations. He is currently tracking the Indian economy and the sustainable development agenda.Read more

Swati Prabhu

Swati Prabhu is Associate Fellow with the Centre for New Economic Diplomacy (CNED). Her research explores the interlinkages between India’s development partnerships in South Asia and Africa and the Sustainable Development Agenda. Swati’s broader research interests encompass climate change and environment, sustainability, and development cooperation.Read more

Jayanta Bandyopadhyay

Jayanta Bandyopadhyay is a Visiting Distinguished Fellow. He is a researcher and author on science and the natural environment. He received his Ph. D. in engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1975. He then joined the Centre for International Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, as a visiting post-doctoral fellow. He joined the Faculty of IIM Bangalore in 1978 and started to work on public interest knowledge. Read more

Rakhahari Chatterji

Professor in Political Science, Calcutta University (Retired 2008). Formerly Dean, Faculty of Arts, Calcutta University; Visiting Fellow in Political Science and Associate, Committee on South Asian Studies, University of Chicago; Visiting Fellow in Political Science at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and University of Virginia (Charlottesville); Emeritus Fellow, UGC. Read more