Romi Jain

Dr. Romi Jain is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Management, University of British Columbia, Canada. She earned her PhD in education policy studies from Cleveland State University, Ohio, and her MBA from San Francisco State University, California. A China expert, she has published in Asian Survey, Diplomacy & Statecraft, Asian Affairs, Journal of Third World Studies, and Economic and Political Weekly, among others. Jain has served as a Guest Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Asia Quarterly and is currently the Guest Editor of a special issue of Social Transformations in Chinese Societies (UK: Emerald). In her forthcoming book on China (Routledge, April/May 2021), she is advancing an innovative model of geointellect. Jain’s creative works include nearly 200 poems published in poetry books, anthologies, and literary journals.