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Mahendra Kumawat

Mahendra L. Kumawat is a former Director General of the Border Security Force (BSF), the border patrol agency of the Government of India. Read more ►

Malancha Chakrabarty

Dr Malancha Chakrabarty is Senior Fellow and Deputy Director (Research) at the Observer Research Foundation where she coordinates the research centre, Centre for New Economic Diplomacy. Her research interests encompass issues related to India’s development cooperation, economic and social development in Africa and India, and the links between climate change, agriculture, and food security. Read more ►

Manish Vaid

Manish Vaid is a Junior Fellow at ORF. His research focuses on energy issues, geopolitics, crossborder energy and regional trade (including FTAs), climate change, migration, New Silk Road, urbanisation and water issues. Read more ►

Mannat Jaspal

Mannat Jaspal is an Associate Fellow with the Geoeconomics Studies Programme at ORF. Mannat is deeply interested in exploring matters on sustainability and development – particularly around green innovation & technology, global climate change policies, energy transition and sustainable finance. Read more ►

Manoj Joshi

Manoj Joshi is a Distinguished Fellow at the ORF. He has been a journalist specialising on national and international politics and is a commentator and columnist on these issues. Read more ►

Manoj Kumar

Mr. Manoj Kumar, an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and the National Law School of India University, has expanded and led the transformation of the Hammurbai & Solomon Corporate legal practice over the past few decades. Read more ►

Maya Mirchandani

Maya Mirchandani is a Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation and Head of Department, Media Studies at Ashoka University. Maya is the Chair of ORF's annual conference on countering violent extremism, Tackling Insurgent Ideologies. She researches subjects around radicalization and ‘Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism’ (P/CVE), and analyses the impact and efficacy of counter narratives, dialogue and community intervention. Read more ►

Mihir Swarup Sharma

Mihir Swarup Sharma is the Director Centre for Economy and Growth Programme at the Observer Research Foundation. Read more ►

Mohammed Sinan Siyech

Mohammed Sinan Siyech is a Non – Resident Associate Fellow working with Professor Harsh Pant in the Strategic Studies Programme. He will be working on Terrorism and Extremism in South Asia and the Middle East, Indian Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa region, and Salafism and Islamism. Read more ►


Mona is a Junior Fellow with the Health Initiative at Observer Research Foundation’s Delhi office. Her research expertise and interests lie broadly at the intersection of Health Systems and policy research, Gender, and Human Rights. Read more ►