ORF brings together leading and young experts from the government, academia, business and civil society circles across the world who provide high-quality research, recommendations and analysis on a wide range of policy matters.

Naghma Sahar

Naghma is Senior Fellow at ORF. She tracks India’s neighbourhood — Pakistan and China — alongside other geopolitical developments in the region. Read more ►

Nandan Unnikrishnan

Nandan Unnikrishnan is a Distinguished Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. He joined ORF in 2004. Read more ►

Navdeep Suri

Navdeep Suri is Distinguished Fellow. Read more ►

Nilanjan Ghosh

Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh is a Director at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), India. Read more ►

Niranjan Sahoo

Niranjan Sahoo, PhD, is a Senior Fellow with ORF’s Governance and Politics Initiative. With years of expertise in governance and public policy, he now anchors studies and programmes on democracy, human rights, federalism, electoral reforms (particularly issues related to political funding), and cross-cutting issues of exclusion, insurgencies, affirmative action and inclusion. Read more ►

Nisha Holla

Nisha Holla is Visiting Fellow at ORF, where she writes on ideas and shifts at the intersection of technology, economics and policy. She tracks the impact of technology on democratising access to socio-economic development, the importance of building strategic technology moats, and policy frameworks required to drive indigenous technology development in India. Read more ►

Nisha Verma

Nisha Verma is Librarian at ORF. She is responsible with overall development of its library and acquires, organises and disseminates information to the researchers. Read more ►

Noyontara Gupta

Noyontara Gupta is a Research Assistant in Programme, Appraisal Management. Her research interests include international politics, domestic governance and world history. Read more ►