Future of War

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Noyontara Gupta

Noyontara Gupta is a Research Assistant in Programme, Appraisal Management. Her research interests include international politics, domestic governance and world history.

Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh is a Research Assistant at ORF Delhi. He focuses on ORF’s publications and research products in Hindi. Ajay is interested in issues pertaining to International Relations and Public Policy.

Manoj Joshi

Manoj Joshi is a Distinguished Fellow at the ORF. He has been a journalist specialising on national and international politics and is a commentator and columnist on these issues. As a reporter,

Preeti Lourdes John

Preeti Lourdes John is Deputy Editor at ORF Mumbai. She oversees the centre’s longform publications.

Vinia Mukherjee

Vinia is Publisher at ORF. She oversees the production of long-form research papers, and is curator of the monthly Fellows Seminar Series that showcases ORF's best research work.